Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental disorder that is often developed after facing severe trauma, or in other words England at international tournaments.

The events at the Luzhniki Stadium in the semi-final of the World Cup sparked again in the minds of the English fans, when England were losing their spark as the minutes went by against Scotland.

An inability to make effective in-game changes from Gareth Southgate kept England on the back foot, lacking the necessary means to break down Steve Clark’s Scotland.

In Moscow, England could have gotten the better of Croatia before Zlatko Dalic’s side adjusted their…

Flames erupt in the Circus Maximus. Rome’s largest sporting venue forms a mile-long track of timber, and its seats provide the ultimate fuel. Within minutes, flames spread the entire length of the Circus.

Two thirds of Rome was destroyed after the nine day fire in July, 64 AD. So were the Italians after the 0–0 with Sweden in November 2017. Missing the World Cup in Russia felt odd as Italy hadn’t failed to qualify for the World Cup since 1958.

Reconstruction was needed and it was already in the making way before that damned night in Milan. A new breed…

It’s an hour before kick-off and you are just wondering what is Pep Guardiola doing. It’s a normal Premier League Saturday and everyone is trying to predict how will Manchester City play in possession, out of possession and during the transitions.

During these games, what the Spaniard has in mind may work and it may not. He may adjust it and he may not. You’ll only know after the final whistle.

Prior to kick-off on Saturday night against Chelsea all the fuss was about the absence of Fernandinho and Rodri from the starting eleven. Playing Ilkay Gundogan as the sole…

Manchester City have hypnotized viewers with their scintillating football, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer guided Manchester United to probably their best season since 2013, West Ham went all the way from a relegation battle last season to the Europa League, Leeds were all ponytail and pressing, and Sam Allardyce got his first ever relegation from the Premier League. The season is coming to an end.

Before the curtain call, there are still European places to fight for. Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester City are battling it out for two Champions League spots. …

Thomas Tuchel’s previous attempt at Champions League glory was empowered by Paris Saint-Germain’s pressing schemes against RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich. At Chelsea, and despite the lack of a pre-season, Tuchel significantly improved the team’s ability to press and counter-press.

Not only that, the German coach has also improved Chelsea in the four phases of play, taking them from 10th spot in the league to 4th and a place in the FA Cup and Champions League finals.

Yet, this can all crumble. Liverpool’s rise since the return of Fabinho and the fact that Chelsea have to host Leicester City at…

In gaming, a scrim is when a pro or competitive team decides it’s time to get out of public matches and head into a true competitive setting against another pro or competitive team to practice.

Before any major domestic or global tournament, most of the teams scrim against their opponents or even opponents similar in style to the one they’ll face, to try out new strategies — basically to test the water.

That’s exactly how it felt on Saturday as Manchester City hosted Chelsea at the Etihad. A win for the blue side of Manchester would have granted them their…

Batman & Robin. Well, Batman & Ruben. Saving Gotham. Saving Manchester City once again.

The colossal duo has been the cornerstone to Manchester City’s rise this season. Even before Pep Guardiola made his adjustments, it was that duo’s defensive performances that steadied the ship.

One step away from Manchester City’s first Champions League final, John Stones and Ruben Dias stepped up again. Celebrating Oleksandr Zinchenko’s block on Neymar’s shot as if they had just scored the winner. In essence, it was equivalent.

For all of Paris Saint Germain’s penetration in the first half, it was the presence of Stones and…

In a world where humans want information fed to them as fast as possible, forming an opinion about a 90 minute football game seems tedious for some. The inability to focus through 90 minutes for one reason or another, forces them into the safest shortest path. Results oriented opinions.

The team who came back in the second half after being dismantled in the first, definitely smashed the opposition. Their second half display was the best away performance from an English side since the 6th of June 1944.

Opinions are in fact easy to make. Takes one second.

Yet, the beauty…

Under the dark clouds of the Super League, there were some football games being played in the previous days. Their results at the time seemed irrelevant, especially when the threat of a breakaway league was looming in the shadows.

Now that the clouds relatively faded away, the results and performances could be brought back to the light. Liverpool played their best 45 minutes in a long time, Ryan Mason lead Tottenham to their first win under the interim manager, and Manchester City painted a portrait of how to control a 10 vs 10 football match.

In between those games, as…

Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez’s arrival to the Premier League 17 years ago had a long lasting effect on the English sides. Even before Pep Guardiola’s influence on football and the German school, led by Juergen Klopp, re-popularizing pressing, the influence that the Iberian duo had on England was and is still clear to the naked eye.

It’s so clear that it became part of the furniture. Yours eyes got used to it, year after year, that it no longer stands out. The Iberian duo influenced how English teams defend. Defensive organization was the new toy back then. …

Ahmed Walid

English Football. United

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