Perhaps the most iconic photo of the day is that of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar walking half-heartedly towards their own goal after Paris Saint-Germain failed to get past Manchester City’s electric pressing in the 42nd minute.

One image encapsulated everything, but watching the video makes it even worse…

Imagine two packs of hunters, walking through the forest in search of lunch. Pack A has got the ultimate skillset; agility, strength, and intelligence. Meanwhile, pack B are on a lower level in terms of agility, strength and intelligence but know how to work together as a collective.

Pack A…

“People are bound to say you played a defensive midfielder here as you didn’t do in the Champions League final, and that’s what made the difference. How fair would you think that is an opinion?”

The first question in the post-match press conference for Pep Guardiola was inevitable. …

Ahmed Walid

English Football. United

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